About us

We are a young entrepreneurial couple, the two founders of Starwhite hemp and green lovers. We have been working for many years in the hemp sector in various fields and have therefore decided to embark on this path to help society become aware of this plant, breaking false myths and wanting to restore the balance with our planet.

Do we know the true properties of hemp and are we aware that it can be transformed into paper, flour, clothes, therapeutic oils, biofuels, bioplastics…?

We firmly believe that hemp is a star that has fallen from the sky and so we have chosen to create a brand that seeks above all sustainability and care for the environment. Without forgetting the well-being of each and every one of us.

“Hemp will be the future of all mankind, or there will be no future” – Jack Herer

Our mission

Starwhite hemp’s main mission is to raise awareness of the uses of hemp at an industrial level while respecting nature, and at a therapeutic level for body, mind and soul thanks to the synergy with the specific endocannabinoid system of humans and most animals. At Starwhite hemp we believe that every small daily gesture can contribute to the change that our planet needs, which is why we want to be part of this green revolution by returning this wonderful plant with more than 10,000 years of history to the position it deserves. We know that it is up to each and every one of us to do our part to improve and protect our beloved, and long wounded, Mother Earth.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – M. Gandhi

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In harmony with nature

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa L. whose THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) content is remarkably low (< 0.2%). It is an extremely versatile plant and each of its parts has a wide field of application, which is why many call it the “vegetable pig”.

We want to help the planet by promoting sustainable production processes, helped by the fact that hemp can grow anywhere in the world, is able to naturally reclaim the land where it is grown and is a carbon-negative raw material.

Our products are 100% natural, with acceptance criteria equal to or higher than those required by the EU. In addition to the raw material and our commitment, we need you to help us spread the word and make hemp shine again around the world.