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CBD for dogs with arthritis

With aging, our pets come to develop various ailments; such as muscle aches, joint discomfort and stiffness. To help alleviate these symptoms, CBD was developed for dogs with arthritis.

CBD oil is a popular treatment for canine arthritis because it addresses four distinct aspects of the disease: it blocks pain, inhibits inflammation, promotes joint tissue recovery and relieves common arthritis side effects.

What is canine arthritis and what are its symptoms?

Canine arthritis is a degenerative inflammatory disease that affects the joints causing severe pain, swelling and loss of mobility.

To know if my dog has arthritis, it is enough to observe him. It occurs in older dogs, they find it difficult to get up, walk or sit, physical activity is reduced, they refuse to climb stairs, they complain of pain when touched, their joints are swollen, they lose their appetite and are indifferent.

Benefits of CBD for dogs with arthritis

CBD for dogs with arthritis has been shown to be very helpful in treating inflammation and pain, while promoting recovery of joint tissue.

Reduces joint inflammation

This is achieved by blocking pro-inflammatory mediators, an indispensable measure to slow down the disease, since, by reducing inflammation, pain decreases, mobility improves and the progression of the disease is delayed. It has the same effect in both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Blocks pain

CBD stimulates the receptors located in the spinal cord, to interfere with the pain signals that are directed to the brain, in this way the signal is silenced and the pain is not manifested. Its effects begin to manifest in the short term, around 45 minutes after its ingestion. 

Stimulates joint tissue regeneration

CBD for canine arthritis, reduces inflammation by slowing the progression of the disease, while stimulating cartilage and chondrocytes to help maintain joint health.

By regenerating the cartilage and adjacent tissues, it allows the puppy to regain mobility, slow down joint degeneration and alleviate pain.

Improves secondary symptoms of arthritis

Dogs suffering from chronic pain can develop other disorders that end up affecting their mental health, which over time deteriorates their overall well-being. CBD allows to treat depression, anxiety or sleeping problems of our dog derived from suffering from arthritis for a long time.

How to use CBD oil with dogs?

CBD oil for dogs can be added to their food or administered directly to the canine in its mouth, which is more advisable for those dogs that refuse food with the oil.

You can deposit the oil in your dog’s muzzle with the help of a syringe without a needle, then close its muzzle so that the dog can swallow on its own.

On the market you can find CBD oils for dogs in various flavors, such as meat, chicken or fish, which makes the job a little easier when it comes to hiding it with food.

What is the dosage of CBD for dogs with arthritis?

The dose of CBD for dogs with arthritis is 2 mg per kilogram of weight, there are other variables to take into account such as the breed of the dog and the intensity of the symptoms. But it has been shown that this would be the recommended dose, there are those who claim that lower doses have obtained good results.

Is it safe to use CBD in dogs?

It has been demonstrated through clinical studies that the use of CBD in animals (including dogs) is completely safe. High doses of up to 8 mg per kilogram of body weight (4 times the recommended dose) may have little or no adverse effects, so its use is safe even if we exceed the dose.

During the first days of administration, it is normal for the dog to show some symptoms, such as drowsiness, lethargy, nausea and vomiting, so it should be monitored during this period.

Is it better to use CBD oil or CBD treats for dogs?

Currently, owners of dogs with arthritis have two options for supplying CBD, either through oil or in CBD-containing dog treats. Both options are valid.

The advantage of CBD oil over CBD treats is its price. Covering a large dog’s dosage with treats would be more expensive than with CBD oil. The treats are practical when the dog has mild symptoms of the disease or is a small breed dog.

It would be up to the owner to choose the best option according to their needs. Nowadays we can find treats with special formulations that include other ingredients to help improve other symptoms associated with arthritis.

Natural treatments for canine arthritis that can be combined with CBD

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis, helps us to treat the symptoms of the disease, but not to correct the cause. In these cases we can complement the treatment with other measures that will help to correct problems such as obesity.

Starting with food, providing good quality, organic and omega-rich food. Exercise is another aspect to be addressed, taking daily walks, even small ones, this stimulates blood circulation and improves mobility by accelerating healing.

You can supplement your pet with chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, omega-3, Boswellia and turmeric. These aid in the recovery of articular cartilage and help reduce pain and inflammation.

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis is a very effective alternative to help our dog with his condition. It allows us to remove the pain, reduce inflammation and help regenerate the cartilage of the joint, in addition we must add that it allows us to treat the side effects that derive from the chronic process, such as depression, anxiety or insomnia.

We must remember that this treatment must be accompanied by several measures that help to correct the aggravating factors of this disease, starting with weight control, nutrition and exercise.

We must control the dose according to their weight and control the symptoms that may occur. In general terms, CBD oil for dogs is safe and effective, so we must take it into account when our pet has aged.

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