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the sacret plant

Until the 1920s, hemp was the most widely used fibre on the market, but for economic reasons it was demonised and made illegal in almost all parts of the world. It is now time to say enough and to give a new lease of life to a plant with many different uses.


CBD for Pets

Just like humans, pets also have their own endocannabinoid system. So by adding a small amount of CBD to our furry friend’s diet, we can get as many benefits as we humans are getting from the miraculous Cannabidiol.

Our products

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Packages and Shipping



We use shipping envelopes based on corn starch.
Certified and made from biodegradable materials, they are compostable at the end of their useful life.
Sustainable packaging that respects the planet.



At Starwhite hemp we are committed to using no plastic in our packaging.
Products are wrapped in corrugated cardboard which is very durable and versatile. The sustainable alternative to bubble wrap, polystyrene and foams.

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The Starwhite Journal of Hemp

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